For the moment, here’s your chance to get your hands on the Festival merchandise. Our good friend Phil is handling all this. Contact details are directly underneath the pics or you can just click the little green button.

Every Festival needs one. The Festival T-shirt. Available in a good range of sizes and emblazoned – an underused word – with the Festival logo. This will be THE T-shirt to be seen in for many years to come, assuming we are ever allowed out of doors again..
Cost: £10.00
For those “smarter than a T-shirt” occasions (weddings, formals, garden parties at Buckingham Palace) we have a stunning, embroidered Festival Polo Shirt. You can also wear this when playing polo, apparently.
Cost: £15.00
You can’t go far without a Face Mask these days and we have a limited edition face mask specially for these virus-laden times. In the words of Henry Ford, you can have it in whatever colour you want as long as it’s black. This has been specially designed – at no extra cost – to make your glasses mist up as you walk along. We’ve thought of everything.
Cost: £5.00
Another shot of the face mask and the obligatory Festival Mug. Again, this is another must-have item to remind you of that wonderful weekend where you stayed away from the beautiful North-East Coast and watched people play ukulele on YouTube.
Cost: £5.00

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