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NTUF 2018 Songbook
The 2018 Festival was our very first and real live paper copies of this are in short supply.
NTUF 2019 Songbook
This songbook was filled with contributions from those who attended our 2019 Festival.
Traditional Christmas Carols
In time for our first ever Lockdown Christmas: the Bay Uke book of Traditional Christmas Carols
Bay Uke Summer 2018 Songbook
A load of songs to get through an English summer. We probably needed a 2020 version of this.
Saltburn Songbook 2018
This songbook was put together for the Saltburn Uke Conference in 2018. It is full of old standards.
Simon & Garfunkel for Ukulele
A collection of 40+ songs from the five albums produced by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.
The GCEA-Tuned Ukulele Handbook
Most ukuleles are tuned GCEA (or gCEA) and this book is our attempt at introducing a bit of music theory into uke playing.
The DGBE-Tuned Ukulele Handbook
A bit like the GCEA book above, but written for those amongst the ukulele cult that play baritone (or dGBE tenor).
The EADG-Tuned Ukulele Handbook
Although it looks like the two above, this is quite a bit different and written for the UBass (and similar) players among us.
The ZIP FILE of all the Songbook Singalong Songs
This is the whole lot. The number on the file refers to the page number.

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